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Using innovative techniques, we separate impressive quantities of metals from bottom ash at the client's site with our mobile installations.

Separation installations

We process bottom ash using in-house developed ferrous and non-ferrous separation installations : the Phairon® machines.


Our installations are operational throughout Europe, including staff to operate them. We are the connecting link between waste processing and responsible recycling.

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Our people are highly committed and we are proud of the success we achieve together. Will you be strengthening our team?

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We are delighted to share that, for the second time in a row, we have been recognized as FD Gazelle, an accolade for the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands.

We are honored to be nominated for FD Gazelle Awards.
The VHB Group (Aerinnova, Rock Solid, and Non-ferro Recovery Company) is nominated in the “Large” category.

This nomination is the result of the tireless dedication of our committed colleagues. We are genuinely grateful for their hard work and devotion.
We are now eagerly looking forward to the awards ceremony on November 23.

Together, we continue to grow! #FDGazelle #Proud #BoundaryBreaking #Team #fdgazellen2023 #fdgazellen

VHB Groep (NRC and Aerinnova) strengthens its position in the United Kingdom with the strategic acquisition of Rock Solid BV

On the 28th of June, VHB Groep took a large and significant strategic step in the Europe wide field of responsible recycling and the recovery of valuable raw materials. The acquisition of the shares of well established companies Rock Solid BV (NL) and Rock Solid Processing Ltd (UK) enables VHB to offer and provide a more comprehensive and well rounded solution to customers.

Rock Solid was founded 17 years ago by Hans van Craaikamp and Peter Bleeker, specialising in the processing of IBA incinerator bottom ash, coupled with the sales and marketing of IBAA aggregates and recovered ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Passion for raw materials
Rock Solid very much shares VHB’s passion for recovering valuable raw materials from IBA incinerator bottom ash, and on that basis, VHB are pleased to confirm that the current management of Rock Solid will stay on, ensuring a smooth transition for our customers and new clients alike.

History and Future
As a Dutch family business with a 90-year history, VHB Groep already has quite a past to look back on. With this step, VHB can further reinforce and secure its position for the future. Everyone at VHB looks forward to further growth and development together with familiar and new faces in the organisation, and VHB extends a warm welcome to all new staff joining from Rock Solid with the motto: ‘Welcome on board and to the VHB family’.

NRC Non-ferro Recovery Company

Your leading partner in metals recovery

NRC (Non-ferro Recovery Company) extracts ferrous and non-ferrous metals from waste residues by means of special, in-house developed separation installations.

As a result, the recovered metals are given a second life and this waste stream can be further processed into high-grade raw materials. NRC supplies the complete chain from processing bottom ash and refining gross metal streams to selling recovered metals as high-grade raw materials. This makes us the connecting link between the waste processing, responsible recycling and a supplier of high-quality raw materials.

Mobile installations

Our separation installations are fully mobile and are equipped with the most modern separation technologies.

High purity of sorted metals

Optimum return from valuable non-ferrous metals with guaranteed best results per ton of processed material.
Ferrous and non-ferrous metal

Separation installations

NRC operates internationally with the in-house developed Phairon® machines which recover the metals present in the bottom ash as efficiently as possible. Various innovative techniques are used for this purpose.

Our mobile separation installations can be set up on site in approximately two days. From our office in Brakel, we can be operational anywhere in Europe within 10 days. Our separation installations can operate completely autonomously and do not require any external utilities. The installations are operated by our team of professionals who are always on site. Every member of our team completes the ‘NRC-Academy’, a training programme in which the specific work activities related to the recovery of metals are taught and tested. Besides recovering metals from IBA bottom ash, we also recover metals from, for example, shredder material, foundry sand, glass, ores, electronics scrap or various metal slags.

Metals from waste

Sustainable solutions

NRC is the market leader in technology and innovation when it comes to recovering ferrous and non-ferrous metals. As a result of our constant innovation, we have achieved ever-higher recovery rates from metals in recent years. This results in higher total revenues from recovered metals and a better reusable residual flow.

As NRC, we always guarantee that we recover the maximum percentage of the metals present in the bottom ash. Together we contribute to reduced waste and sustainable metals recycling.

Internationally active

Our recent projects

NRC works for various clients such as governments, incinerators and depot operators in various European countries. The mobile Phairon® separation installations can be transported worldwide and be operational on site with a dedicated NRC team in just a few days.

Working at NRC

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We create a safe and stable working environment for our employees that really contributes to the achievement of their ambitions. Together we put our core values into practice: pride, integrity and innovation. This is reflected in everything we do: how we work together, how we organise our projects and how we treat each other with respect.