All-inclusive tailored service solution

NRC works for different types of clients, such as governments, businesses and contractors in various European countries. The mobile Phairon separation systems can be transported all over the world and can be used by NRC’s team on-site within a few days.

NRC offers several all-inclusive service solutions and various business models. The client has an option of just paying for the labor and operating costs of the professional team with expertise in the latest metal recovery techniques.
Alternatively, the client can choose not to incur any expenses for the placement and operation of the system or the setup of the separation system. This NRC business model does require advance samples and tests examining the quality of the material to be processed. This information allows the calculation of a precise fee per tonne.

A combination or variation of the above business models is also possible. NRC also offers several risk sharing models. NRC handles the entire process and if required, it can also take on an advisory role for the marketing of the recovered metals.