Optimal on-site return

The bottom ash is processed by non-ferrous separation systems developed by NRC: the Phairon machines. These separation systems use the latest technology to extract ferrous and non-ferrous metals from slags. The Phairon machines developed by NRC separate nonferrous metals as ef¬ ciently as possible into various fractions down to 0.125 mm. NRC has various machines available for this purpose. The Phairon systems are fully mobile and equipped with the most modern separation technology. The Phairon separation system gives you an optimal return of valuable non-ferrous metals and guarantees the best results per tonne of processed material. The separation system is set up on the site where the material is collected or where the bottom ash is continuously produced. The separation systems do not require any external utilities and are operated by a fully quailed team of professionals who are always present on-site. Besides incinerator bottom ash extraction, NRC can also extract metals from shredder material, molding sand, glass, electronic scraps or various types of metal slags.